Support The Fight Against Cancer With Sea Of Thieves Sails Of Union Cosmetic (2)

Sea of Thieves is certainly an adventure on the high seas. Pillaging, searching for treasures, and sinking other would-be pirates’ ships, all in the name of good fun. However, that is not all that Rare’s seafaring adventure is doing. A brand new premium cosmetic is now on sale in the game, and proceeds are going to charitable causes. Captains can now purchase the Sea of Thieves Sails of Union cosmetic for a limited time.

The Sea of Thieves Sails of Union cosmetic item has been created via a collaboration between Xbox and the Stand Up To Cancer organization. Part of the Game On campaign, the aim is to encourage gamers to take on new challenges and “make their next game count” in helping out the charity. Interested players can do so now with a $5.99 USD purchase of the Sails of Union. The sale will carry on until November 6, with players in the US contributing to Stand Up To Cancer US.

Doing good

Available on both the Microsoft Store as well as on Steam, the sails will be added to your shipwright’s collection immediately after purchase. Seventy-five percent of proceeds from Steam and 100% of proceeds from the Microsoft Store will be going to the charity. Unfortunately, it will not be a full ship cosmetic set.

With the partnership with Xbox, the Sea of Thieves Sails of Union cosmetic is not the only thing happening. Signing up for the Game On campaign will give players a chance for “epic Xbox giveaways,” including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions and even a custom Xbox wireless controller.

Support The Fight Against Cancer With Sea Of Thieves Sails Of Union Cosmetic (1)

Now would be a great time to jump into Sea of Thieves. The latest content update has added brand new quests, as well as dogs. The hunt for treasure vaults is only heating up, and you can do so looking all cool with your new Sails of Union.

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