Ff14 Ishgardian Restoration 2

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.11 has hit, and this one is mostly focused on gatherers and crafters.

I say mostly focused on gatherers and crafters. The biggest addition here is the Ishgardian Restoration, but there’s more to it than that. For endgame raiders, there’s The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate), which should provide a brutal challenge. For everyone else, there’s a new emote, a new hairstyle, a few new orchestrion rolls, and the usual smattering of furnishings, mounts, and minions. That said, I suspect a few of these will be tied to the patch’s big event.

Final Fantasy XIV: Ishgardian Minecraft Edition

Ff14 Ishgardian Restoration

The Ishgardian Restoration itself really is the focus of this patch. This is the massive project to rebuild the Firmament after the events of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (so, yes, you’ll need to have beaten Heavensward‘s questline up to the end of patch 3.3 to participate). Gatherers can find materials to turn in, while crafters can make the required items out of them. Note that this is World specific: one World may hurry along with the Restoration while another lags behind.

Once enough of this stuff has been handed over, a “concerted works” begins. This looks like the equivalent of a FATE, but for gatherers and crafters. Everyone can contribute to these time-limited events, which might require transporting and processing materials or erecting structures. Either way, successfully completing these causes a change to the Firmament. More of these will unlock as progress is made with turning stuff in, with bigger ones promising “dramatic changes” to the way the Firmament looks.

Ff14 Concerted Work

If you want to participate in Final Fantasy XIV: Ishgardian Minecraft Edition, you can pick up the quest Towards the Firmament in the Foundation at X:9.7 Y:11.5. To check up on the status of the Restoration, you can have a look at the skybuilders’ board at X:11.4 Y:14.1. Note that you’ll need to be level 60 to accept Towards the Firmament, but your gathering/crafting job only needs to be level 20 to get the Restoration-specific recipes and gathering points added to your logs.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.11 is live now, and you can check out the full patch notes here. If you’re not into crafting and gathering, fear not: patch 5.15 should hit before long, bringing with it new PvP and Blue Mage stuff. We covered that in a little more detail over here.

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