As you may know, Square Enix has been slowly releasing Final Fantasy games from pretty much every generation on just about every modern device they think is worth the effort. PC especially has received some Square Enix love lately with the Final Fantasy XIII releases, or maybe not depending on how you view them and their optimization.

Regardless of how you feel, Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy V is coming to Steam on September 24th.

Widely considered to be a JRPG classic with a great job system, Final Fantasy V has received a handful of re-releases and enhanced ports since its first release. Now you can live it all again, or maybe for the first time, when the game comes to PC with the various additions it has received over the years.

With refined graphics and reworked controls, this is already shaping up to be the best version yet. To add onto that, the PC version will feature the following:

  • The addition of the gladiator, cannoneer, oracle, and necromancer jobs
  • The Sealed Temple from the 2006 release
  • Tetsuya Nomura-designed optional boss Enuo
  • Steam achievements and trading cards

See the trailer below:

Final Fantasy V will be available on September 24th at the regular price of $15.99, or it can be pre-ordered for 10% off.

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