Final Fantasy VII re-release updated with PS1 music

Final Fantasy 7 PC - 03
Cloud’s music collection is much improved.

When Tim took a look at the Final Fantasy VII re-release back in July, he came away with pretty mixed impressions. The supposed ‘improvements’ didn’t seem to really deliver on their promises, and in some ways the game was actually worse than the PlayStation 1 release.

One such problem was the inclusion of the inferior music from the first PC port of the game (in .OGG file form rather than MIDI, but still) in place of what is generally considered to be the superior PS1 soundtrack. However, a recent update has apparently put that right. A post on the Steam forums states that the latest patch has changed the audio to the “sweet sweet sounds” of the PS1 version.

A prior update also made the (amusingly named, given the context) ‘cloud saves’ optional. So, Square Enix took their time, but do seem to be tweaking the Final Fantasy VII re-release to be something PC players might have more interest in playing through.

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