Final Fantasy XIII PC resolution fix in GeDoSaTo Beta 0.14

final fantasy xiii (3)

This is just a promo shot, not a GeDoSaTo one.

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When Tim finishes downloading the gargantuan 50GB required for Final Fantasy XIII on PC, he’ll apparently find that Square decided to lock the resolution at 720p. That’s a bit crap, obviously, but luckily Peter “Durante” Thoman (he of the Dark Souls PC port mods) has stepped in to help.

Thoman’s ongoing work on his General Downsampling Tool (GeDoSaTo) already includes a work-in-progress fix for the Final Fantasy XIII resolution issue. The installer for the latest beta version of GeDoSaTo (0.14,) can be found over here, along with details of the newest release. He announced the release on NeoGaf.

The plugin for Final Fantasy XIII is described as “pre-alpha” and has some known problems (recreated below,) but will effectively allow you to render the game in any 16:9 aspect resolution up to 3840×2160 (assuming your PC can handle it, obviously.) It’s also possible to hide the HUD through GeDoSaTo’s standard keybinding feature.

Here are those known issues:

  • Some off-by-a-bit scaling issues, making the output less sharp than it should be in some circumstances
  • DoF effects are unchanged (still at original, low resolution – this is more apparent in contrast to higher resolutions)
  • Probably some stuff somewhere is cut off. I saw some scissor calls and am not dealing with them yet
  • Crashes when taking screenshots using GeDoSaTo
  • Rendering resolutions larger than 3840×2160 don’t work
  • Probably lots more

Considering the game only came out on PC yesterday, I’d say that’s pretty fine work.

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