Final Fantasy XIV digital sales

Final Fantasy XIV digital sales will resume, with Home World Transfer to follow

More servers, less problems
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Today brought a whopper of an update for those waiting for news on the status of Final Fantasy XIV. When the recent Endwalker expansion released, it was to the praises of fans and critics alike. Some even heralded it as the best piece of content in the entire franchise. However, Square Enix very quickly started to suffer from their own success. Login queues became so long that Final Fantasy XIV digital sales and the Home World Transfer service had to be suspended due to how congested the servers were. Thankfully though, it looks like this will be ending soon.

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According to the official update, digital sales of the game will resume on January 25. Now that login queues are starting to die down, more server space has been made available. This goes hand in hand with the other big announcement in the post that an Oceania server will finally be opened. No longer will Australian players be forced to connect to servers all the way in Japan.


One thing to keep in mind though, is that it does not appear that free trials will resume when the digital sales do. As Square wants to, understandably, wait to see that the servers will remain stable. So, for people who want to start (like myself), especially if you have never played an MMO before (again, like myself) you may want to wait a little longer after the 25. In other big news, Final Fantasy XIV‘s Home World Transfer system will resume on January 26 for all players.

Final Fantasy XIV digital sales

That’s a lot of new catboys

The long awaited Data Center Travel System will also go live in patch 6.1. In addition, Japanese, North American, and European data centers will all be expanded. The number of Japanese data centers will expand from 2 to 3. Which can, according to Square Enix, handle 50,000 more logins. The American centers will undergo a two-part expansion, the first of which beginning in August 2022, and ending in either Spring or Summer of 2023. Finally, the European data centers will also undergo a two-part expansion. The first part beginning in July 2022, and the second is currently scheduled for summer of 2023.

The game’s much beloved producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, ended the update by saying that job balancing will also begin to trickle in once the server situation gets straightened out. I am very excited to jump into the world of Final Fantasy XIV myself, and have been itching to do so since digital sales were removed. It looks like 2022 is going to be another great year for everyone’s favorite MMO.

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