Final Fantasy XIV Jobs/Races Revealed

Some of the races and jobs for forthcoming MMO sequel Final Fantasy XIV have been revealed.The news comes from a forum post on Eorzeapedia (via Kotaku), with new scans revealing the new races.We can apparently expect to see Hyuran, Lalafell, Elzen, Miqo’te, and Roegadyn – which apparently equate, respectively, to humans, Taru, Elvaan, Mithra, and Galka from Final Fantasy XI.The jobs revealed each have sub-jobs, with Fighter having swordsman and archer, Sorcerer having enchanter and warlock, Crafter having blacksmith and cook, and Gatherer having gardener and fisherman,Little is known about the title, barring what we gathered from the trailer shown at Sony’s press conference back at E3, and that it’s due out on PC and PS3 in 2010..You can see the scans for yourselves below.     

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