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Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, took the MMORPG to immense new heights. So much so that Square Enix stopped the sale of the game to try and get a handle on full servers and long queue times. Good problems, right? Well, not if you’re a World of Warcraft refugee hoping to find a new home in Eorzea. As of today, though, Final Fantasy XIV is on sale again thanks to the launch of the Oceania Data Center.

Both the Starter and Complete Edition of Final Fantasy XIV are back on sale. However, new registrations for the free trial are still suspended. Square Enix says it is monitoring the situation of the servers and will reactivate the feature when possible.


New and old Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to create characters on the Oceania Data Center. Plus, Home World Transfers will be possible from January 26. The server is home to five Worlds, all of which are designated as New Worlds and playing on a New World comes with some perks.

If you transfer your Home World to a New World, it is free. You’ll receive double EXP for your characters, both new and transferred, in a New World until they reach level 80. You’ll also earn Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers to exchange for in-game rewards. It’s a sweet deal. You can take a look at all the New World bonuses here.

Final Fantasy Xiv Oceania Data Center

Square Enix has marked the Oceania Data Center launch by releasing a map of Australia and New Zealand done in the style of the Final Fantasy XIV world map. You can check it out above and download a wallpaper version from this link.

Clowning around

Also dropping today is Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.08, which brought Job potency changes along with it. And lastly, the spooky in-game event called All Saints’ Wake continues. It will run until February 2. You can head to the Adventurer’s Guild Investigator in Old Gridania to acquire the event’s quest. Completing this quest will score you some special rewards, including the Clown’s Outfit, the Clowning Around face paint, the Haunted Pumpkin Set outdoor furnishing, and the Pumpkin Flower Vase tabletop furnishing.

Final Fantasy Xiv All Saints Wake

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