Final Fantasy XIV subscriptions return in January

As previously detailed by Square Enix, paid subscriptions will be returning as the payment model for Final Fantasy XIV from 6 January. Thanks to a somewhat … ahh, let’s say ‘wobbly’ … launch, the game has been free to players who purchased it before certain dates. Those free periods kept being extended, but are now set to end.
So, from January a 30 day membership period will cost $10 USD (still reduced from the proposed $13 USD), with various cheaper offers available if you pay for more days in advance. Current players who don’t actively opt-into the new subscription charges will not be stealthily charged, they’ll just have their accounts temporarily suspended.
For a full run down on the forthcoming subscription charges, follow the source link below. You can also take a look at the image below for Square’s upcoming update plans for the game. Be warned though, it’s about as complex as the roadmap for peace in Afghanistan.