Over the last week or so, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn users have been experiencing log-in and connection issues with the server. A number of players experience major latency and sometimes complete drops from the game.

Only today has Square Enix announced the cause of these server issues and has attributed them to third-party DDoS attacks. The attackers still remain anonymous and may hold have some sort of hatred towards Square Enix or MMORPG’s in general.

The issue with these attacks is that they’re extremely difficult to stop or prevent because the attackers constantly change their methods. It’s still a mystery as to who is causing this and why they’re doing it. One can only surmise that the companies themselves may know why and have yet to speak on it.

Several days ago Blizzard also revealed that their World of Warcraft servers were also under DDoS attacks which caused similar issues.

You can read more about the attacks on Final Fantasy XIV here in their official notice.


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