Final Fantasy Xiv Ushers In Love With Valentione's Day Festivities (2)

For players who have a love for the MMORPG genre, there are a couple of big-hitters to choose from. When it comes to the JRPGs, the obvious choice is Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV. The stunning revival of the game and continual push for perfection has certainly drawn a hardcore community. Judging from the favorable reception to the latest content reveal with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, fans are definitely still on board this particular MMORPG train. However, before the new content arrives, there are other things to celebrate like Valentine’s Day. Get ready to experience love in the annual Valentione’s Day and Little Ladies’ Day in Final Fantasy XIV for the next few weeks.

The festivities will take place from February 10 all the way until March 8. As one would expect, Valentione’s Day will focus on the one and only Lissete de Valentione. Head to the city of Old Gridania if you are keen.


Be sure you are at level 15 or higher first. You must have completed either the Gridanian Envoy, The Ul’dahn Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy quests. You can find Lissete de Valentione specifically at X:10.2. Y:9.4.

The Valentione celebrations in Final Fantasy XIV are not confined to one place either. Other major cities, such as Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa, will have plenty of decorations that evoke the mood of love. Romantic music and the like accompany the new setting to put players in the mood.

Get in the mood

There are a bunch of items for purchase during this particular period. The Lovely Moogle Cap and a stuffed Kupka Kupp can be bought to decorate either your home or your chosen partner’s. Be sure to get your hands on all of these before March 8 at 10 AM EST.

Final Fantasy Xiv Ushers In Love With Valentione's Day Festivities (1)

While the Valentione celebration in Final Fantasy XIV is no replacement for a big content drop, it does gives players a little something to engage in while waiting. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is set to launch later this year, and patch 5.5 will roll out in April in anticipation.

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