When Final Fantasy XIV launched it was a bit of a mess but in the past few months the development team have knuckled down to sort the game out. 
Today Square Enix has revealed their welcome back and legacy campaign to encourage people back to check out all the changes that have been made.
The Legacy Campaign will be offered to players who have been subscribers ofFinal Fantasy XIV for at least 90 days between January 6, 2012 and the start of the version 2.0 beta testing. Legacy members will be able to lock-in a lowered subscription rate of £6.89 / 9.99 € and will also receive an exclusive in-game Chocobo mount at the launch of version 2.0. 
As a thanks to Legacy members, their names will also be included in the credit of v2.0.
The welcome back campaign includes a 10 day free trial ebwteen 10 May (03:00 GMT) and 21 May (08:00 GMT) for players with inactive accounts. Returning players will be able to experience the Seventh Umbral Era content and try out the new additions to the game including the job system introduced in Patch 1.21 as well as the content that will be introduced in Patch 1.22 like the battle against the fierce primal Garuda.
If you’ve been avoiding the game and want to rty out all the fixes and changes then take advantageof the offers now.

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