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Most Of Upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy XV Just Got Canceled

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Square Enix is having a rough week. Recently, the publisher posted a $33 million loss, despite the launch of the latest Tomb Raider game. Not long after, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, announced his resignation from Luminous Productions, the studio behind the game. Due to this, most of the upcoming DLC packs for Final Fantasy XV have been canceled, as revealed in a recent livestream.

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Tabata’s resignation occurred on October 31, according to a statement given to Gematsu. In his letter, Tabata thanks the fans of Final Fantasy XV, a game he called a “special project for me which I went all-in on.”

“It’s almost going to be two whole years since the release of Final Fantasy XV,” Tabata wrote. “I honestly believe the reason we were able to get this far is because of all you loyal fans. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Hajime Tabata Final Fantasy

Hajime Tabata announces his resignation from Square Enix.

All That Remains

As mentioned, not everything coming to Final Fantasy XV received the boot. In the letter, Tabata mentions that Episode Ardyn is still in production at Luminous. Set 30 years before the main game’s storyline, the DLC story follows the character Ardyn on a tale of revenge. According to Square Enix, there should also be a short animated prologue for the character. Episode Ardyn is scheduled to release March 2019. However, Episode Noctis, Episode Aranea, and Episode Lunafreya are no more.

According to Windows Central, two additional content packs are coming to the game. The first is something for multiplayer, called New Comrades. It’s a multiplayer expansion pack, which allows you to create your own character to go on quests with friends. The second is a collaboration project between Final Fantasy XV and the online-only Final Fantasy XIV.

It’s not all depressing, mind. Though Tabata is leaving the studio, he already has his sights on what’s next.

“In regards to my next endeavors and near future, I have a project that I truly wish to solidify as my next challenge after Final Fantasy XV,” he wrote. “For that reason, I have decided to leave my current position and start my own business in order to achieve my goal.”

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