Square Enix has revealed the worldwide lifetime sales of its franchises.Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy is the highest, charting a staggering 85 million sales worldwide since Final Fantasy first hit the NES back in 1987. Dragon’s Quest comes in second with 47 million units, and Kingdom Hearts – which, despite only having two main series games released, has had a few re-releases and versions on other systems – has already sold 12 million.85 million sales certainly aren’t to be sniffed at, though we confess we’re not entirely surprised. A brief tally of the Final Fantasy series shows over 30 games, and that’s not even counting the re-releases and remakes of the earlier titles, or the mobile phone games, or the Final Fantasy XI expansion packs, or the games we’ve completely forgotten about.We did remember Mystic Quest, though.

Paul Younger
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