The Final Nier: Automata Secret Has Been Discovered, And It's A Shortcut 2

For many games, the secrets that lie within are often great ways to get players invested and help prolong the experience. These can be in the form of Easter eggs, powerful items, or certain conversations that shed more light on the game’s lore. For NieR: Automata, it would appear that its final secret has finally been unearthed. And at three years and ten months after its release, that sure took some hardcore digging.

Series director Yoko Taro corroborated the discovery of Lance McDonald. With its legitimacy confirmed, it is natural for the community to be curious about the exact nature of the secret. If you are not concerned about spoilers, here is what the secret entails.


By diving into the game’s code, McDonald discovered a peculiar cheat. It allows players to skip to the last ending immediately after defeating the first boss. All of the game’s bonus modes also become unlocked as part of the process. Upon the elimination of the first boss, you will need to do some old-school commands in sequence to discover the final NieR: Automata secret.

Button presses for the win

It involves a complicated chain of attacks, rolls, and moves that will trigger the code. This will then transport players to the ending. This particular one of NieR‘s many endings will delete your save but unlock the bonus game modes. This is not a glitch, but a hardcoded process, something which certainly amazes in the grand scheme of things. Indeed, it’s incredible that it’s managed to stay hidden for so long.

The Final Nier: Automata Secret Has Been Discovered, And It's A Shortcut 1

The secret was only found through some hard reverse engineering work. McDonald revealed that he spent hundreds of hours trying to find the final NieR: Automata secret. Whether that is all worth it depends on who you ask. However, for a game like NieR: Automatait most certainly only enhances its reputation of a critical darling.

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