Since Ooblets made its debut at the PC Gaming Show, fans have become obsessed with the adorable characters. In total, there are 40 Ooblets to find in the Early Access version of the game. Many Ooblets can be found in the wild, mostly in Badgetown. However, some Ooblets are only found by taking part in dance battles.

Things to know about gleamy Ooblets

Gleamy Ooblets are different from the regular and unusual ones. The gleamy type sparkle, which you can easily spot when walking past them. Also, if you have them work in an Oobcoup, there is a chance that you can earn the Oobsidian item. Gleamy Ooblets may take you a while to find, because they are completely random. However, when you receive the daily preview of the Ooblets discoverable in Badgetown, gleamy Ooblets do have a slightly different color to them, which make them easier to spot.

Gleamy Ooblets dance battles

How to participate in dance battles

First, you must reconstruct the dance barn in order to begin. To start the dance battle, you have to give the required item to the Ooblet in either Badgetown or Mamoosha. The objective of each dance battle is to reach the required amount of points to win before the enemy. To prepare for the challenge, you will have to select a party that is the same size as the opposing party. In addition, cards can be used and paid for using beats, which can give you an advantage over your enemy.

There are a variety of cards available in the Early Access version. These cards are: steal enemy points, build on your beat total, add points to your tally, remove or add cards from your hand, use hype to increase the number of points given when using cards, use fluster to decrease the number of points given when using cards, stun enemies, take turns standing still before an effect occurs, and add cards or take them away from your hand. Your use of these cards could make or break your dance battle.

Ooblets can learn more signature moves as they level up. If you come out of the dance battle successful, you can earn a seed for the Ooblet type by consoling their loss. By completing a full series of dance challenges, you earn rewards. These include a rare Ooblet seed and Wishies, which make completing dance battles worthwhile.

The Early Access version of Ooblets is currently purchasable on the Epic Games Store, but it will come to Steam eventually, too.

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