The Setup

Hitman 2’s newest elusive target is actually a repeat from the previous Hitman game. The mission takes place in the ultra luxurious medical facility of Hokkaido. Our target is Ji-Hu, who is at the facility recovering from an unknown cosmetic surgery. Complete facial reconstruction is not out of the question, so it’s impossible to know exactly what the target will look like. This makes things a bit more challenging, as you must first find out what kind of operation Ji-Hu has undergone before we can identify him.

The Hunt

The first step of this mission is finding out how you can identify Jin-Hu. In order to do this, you will have to access the facilities medical records and see what kind of operation Ji-Hu is recovering from. These records are held in a room on the third floor of the actual surgery area of the facility (highlighted below in yellow). This is a restricted area. So, in true Hitman style, you will need to disguise yourself to gain access. Even with a disguise there is a plethora of people who will will see right through you, so tread lightly. I found that this area was easiest to access by using the path behind the helipad, but your mileage may vary based on what disguise you’ve managed to get your hands on.

The room itself contains two doctors and a laptop containing the medical records you need. However, the doctors won’t take kindly to you looking through their computer. You can either dispose of them silently or wait for them to step outside for some fresh air. Once they’re out of the picture, you can access the computer without worry.

Screen Shot 2019 02 10 At 4.44.31 Pm

The highlighted room is where you can find the medical records you need to identify Ji-Hu.

Shortly after accessing the medical records, you’ll be told which operation your target has undergone. There are three possible surgeries, each with it’s own unique appearance. The surgeries and their associated appearance are as follows:

  • Rhinoplasty – Bandages on the nose and face
  • Otoplasty – Bandages around the head and left ear
  • Keratoplasty – Bandages on right eye

The Execution

Once you’ve accessed the medical records, all that’s left is to find and eliminate The Fugitive. Unlike most Hitman missions, your target isn’t hiding behind a wall of armed guards. Instead, Jin-Hu can be found loitering around the unrestricted areas of the facility, such as the courtyard, sushi restaurant, or spa. Unfortunately, the nature of this mission means his pathing is randomized along with his appearance. Your best bet is to locate the target and stalk him for a few minutes to locate any secluded areas he might visit. Once you’ve designated a safe ambush area, you’re free to eliminate the target however you see fit. Just be sure there are no witnesses, since you will still need to escape undetected.

Good luck, 47…


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