Fire Emblem Engage Ring Chamber To Inherit Emblem Abilities
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The secret to success in Fire Emblem Engage is to make the best possible use of the Emblems. You engage them by equipping characters with the corresponding rings. The difference a good pairing makes is substantial. Here’s our guide to the best ring pairings in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: Best ring pairings guide

When a unit equips a ring in Fire Emblem Engage, a bonding process automatically begins. As bond levels improve over the course of regular combat, new abilities become accessible. A unit can then spend Bond Fragments in the Ring Chamber to inherit and equip abilities independently of the rings.

The best ring pairings either make up for a unit’s obvious weaknesses, or add to existing strengths and abilities. You need to keep in mind the role you wish your unit to play in the long term. Equip a ring and inherit the most vital abilities, then pass it to the next worthy unit. Once a unit has inherited the most vital abilities, pair it with a ring that helps in other areas.

Fire Emblem Engage Goldmary Ring Bond Ike

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Below are recommendations for each character (arranged alphabetically), based on which Emblems teach them the most relevant abilities.

  • Alcryst – Lyn, Sigurd
  • Alear – Marth, Roy
  • Alfred – Ike, Sigurd
  • Amber – Leif, Sigurd
  • Anna – Byleth, Marth
  • Boucheron – Ike, Leif
  • Bunet – Leif, Roy
  • Celine – Celica, Marth
  • Chloe – Marth, Sigurd
  • Citrinne – Celica, Micaiah
  • Clanne – Celica, Micaiah
  • Diamant – Ike, Roy
  • Etie – Lyn, Sigurd
  • Fogado – Marth, Roy
  • Framme – Corrin, Micaiah
  • Goldmary – Ike, Leif
  • Hortensia – Micaiah, Sigurd
  • Ivy – Celica, Corrin
  • Jade – Ike, Leif
  • Jean – Micaiah, Roy
  • Kagetsu – Lyn, Marth
  • Lapis – Lyn, Marth
  • Lindon – Celica, Marth
  • Louis – Ike, Leif
  • Mauvier – Ike, Marth
  • Merrin – Marth, Roy
  • Pandreo – Lucina, Micaiah
  • Panette – Ike, Roy
  • Rosado – Ike, Leif
  • Saphir – Ike, Roy
  • Seadall – Lucina, Marth
  • Timerra – Ike, Lucina
  • Vander – Leif, Sigurd
  • Veyle – Celica, Corrin
  • Yunaka – Leif, Lucina
  • Zelkov – Leif, Marth

Remember that the best ring always depends on the role the unit will play. For instance, you might equip one ring if you want Anna to learn defensive abilities, or a different ring if you want to use Anna to exploit gold.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

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