Fire Emblem Engage Anna Gold Obsession
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Gold is a precious resource in Fire Emblem Engage. You can gather lots of it to donate to the various kingdoms and generate rewards of all sorts. It allows you to purchase and upgrade equipment, as well. Gold is not always easy to come by, however. The good news is that one optional character makes building a fortune much easier. Here is our guide on how to exploit gold with Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: How to exploit gold with Anna

If you would like to use Anna to hunt down gold, the first order of business is to recruit her, as she is an optional character. You’ll find her in the second paralogue, Mysterious Merchant, which becomes available during Chapter 7 of the campaign.

To exploit gold using Anna, improve her so that her Avoid, Dodge, and Luck ratings are as high as possible. There are several steps necessary to accomplish this. The first one is to start her along the path that leads to the High Priest class. The class requires proficiency with Arts, Staffs, and Tomes, as well as a Second Seal.

Fire Emblem Engage Anna Lucky High Priest

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By the time Anna masters the High Priest class, she should have earned an excellent Luck rating, along with good Dodge and Avoid ratings. You can improve her even further, though. Do that by enhancing her bond with three Emblems: Byleth, Marth, and Eirika. Byleth provides access to the Luck +12 ability when your bond reaches level 19, Eirika imparts Dodge +30 when your bond level hits 19, and Marth teaches powerful Avoid abilities, though the best of them aren’t accessible until very late in the campaign. Level up your bond with all three Emblems as quickly as possible. Inherit and apply the Dodge and Avoid abilities. Keep Byleth bonded for a boost to your Luck rating.

As a High Priest, Anna also has access to Tomes. She uses them very effectively to take out enemies from a distance. Find your favorite Tome and refine it at the Smithy in The Somniel. Then engrave it with Echoes to improve her Dodge ability even more.

Fire Emblem Engage Make A Killing Gold Drop

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Once Anna is prepared as outlined above, she becomes tremendously useful in battle. It’s possible she can even clear out entire Skirmish maps by herself, especially if she camps out on a life-restoring pedestal. If a map doesn’t offer that option, hide her in a thicket or other such terrain. Enemies will have a harder time hitting her.

The reason to go through all of the above work with Anna is that she possesses an innate ability called Make a Killing. It becomes more effective as her Luck rating increases. The ability sometimes causes enemies to drop 500 gold when they are defeated and the rewards can add up quickly. If Anna clears out numerous enemies all by herself, she can make around 10,000 gold on a single run through a Skirmish map. Finances need never be a problem again.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

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