Fire Emblem Engage Tower Of Trials Approach
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In Fire Emblem Engage, finding ways to reliably level your units is difficult. Tempest Trials serve as one option you might wish to consider. They offer rewards that include experience points and valuable items for the units that need it most. Here is our guide to unlocking and utilizing Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: How to unlock Tempest Trials

When you initiate a Tempest Trial, you can lead your favorite characters (or the ones you need to strengthen) through a series of three consecutive battles. At the end of a run, they will receive rewards based on their performance.

To unlock Tempest Trials, simply clear Chapter 11 in the main campaign. It’s the chapter that finds your party fleeing through the Elusian forest that leads south toward Solm. Once you finish the inevitable battle, you should head to the Tower of Trials along the southern edge of The Somniel. There, you can challenge the Tempest Trials.

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trial Setup

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In the Tempest Trials, you first choose a map and then a difficulty level with a rating from 1 to 50. The highest levels offer the best rewards. They also feature fearsome foes that can make short work even of a team that has already cleared the campaign. Start with the lowest level that offers a decent reward, and then try adjusting the difficulty up from there as needed.

When you first unlock the Tempest Trials, not all maps are available. In fact, one map doesn’t even unlock until after you clear the campaign. However, even the simplest maps offer incentives to attempt the Tempest Trials. You’re free to use any items in your inventory, even the most precious ones, and units who have perished will revive. They will be restored at the end of the event.

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trial Rewards

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Because you can adjust your experience to your liking, Tempest Trials may be a superior way to level your squad, especially compared to Skirmishes. Start utilizing them as soon as you unlock them.

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