April 10th, 2017

Firefall finally launches, sort of


Update: Okay, it looks like it may actually be available on the official website now, insofar as there’s a download and account creation link. Huzzah!

Update 2: And now it’s on Steam, too.

Original story: Red 5 Studios’ free-to-play action MMO Firefall has finally been released. Sort of.

Firefall is due to release today – 29 June – but, as of right now, it doesn’t appear to be available on either Steam or the official website. That hasn’t stopped Red 5 from sending out press releases claiming it’s now out, mind you. Perhaps it’s out in certain regions, and it’ll be hitting the UK at 6pm or 8pm or something? I have no idea. Either way, it’ll be out sometime today.

Firefall has players using battleframes to fight off the invading Chosen, as well as taking on other players in PvP. It’s got a full campaign, side-quests, dynamic world events, and a PvP continent that challenges players to capture and control resources and territory. And yes, it’s free-to-play, but apparently it’s free-to-play the right way – supposedly, the only stuff you can buy with real money are cosmetic and convenience upgrades. Neat.

Firefall is out now. Except it isn’t, but it might be by the time you read this, because it’s supposed to be out today.

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