Firefall, PAX Gameplay Trailer

Red 5 Studios, developer of the recently-announced Firefall, has released a lengthy slice of in-game footage that first aired at PAX.
Despite offering several MMO-like features (a free to play model, large persistent worlds and a few hundred players per server,) Red 5 maintain that Firefall is not an MMO. Perhaps by this they mean there will be far less emphasis on grinding levels and the like.
The ten minutes of gameplay shown in the video appears to focus on third and first person co-op activities. Specifically, players are gathering resources from the ground with a Half-Life 2-esque ‘thumper’ machine. However, quite unlike in Half-Life 2, the thumper is attracting rather than repelling enemies – and doing so in greater and greater numbers as time progresses. After completing this mission, the players pilot a craft to a different part of the map and continue the fight.
Watch the footage, below.

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