September 5th, 2017

Firefall update 1.1, Elemental Destruction, out today

firefall kanaloa

Update 1.1 for MMO shooter Firefall – titled Elemental Destruction – is apparently out today. Hooray!

This update includes two new weapons, six elemental weapon capabilities, weapon modifiers for secondary weapons, a Hardcore version of Kanaloa the Destroyer, five new dynamic events, and a Chosen Offensive live event.

So, specifics. The new weapons are the Plasma Flak Cannon for Assault battleframes, which sends out a blast that explodes on impact or after a set amount of time, and the Bio Injector for Biotechs, which fires out poisoned needles and canĀ also be used to apply heal-over-time effects to allies. Your secondary weapons can be modified with energy-based mods, letting you add beam/laser beam/microplasma/emissive microplasma effects to shotguns, assault rifles, burst rifles, and submachine guns.

Finally (in terms of what I have details on, at least) there’s the Chosen Offensive live event. This’ll be running on 21 September, 28 September, and 5 October from 11am PDT to 3pm PDT.

Firefall is a free-to-play MMO shooter, which you can sign up for over here.

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