Firewatch Sells 500,000 Copies In One Month

Our fellow writers in PlayStationenthusiast had liked Firewatch for its beautiful graphics and setting and it seems that people across the world also endorsed this game .

Publisher Panic recently revealed on its website that Firewatch sold roughly 500,000 full-priced copies in its first month of release, a number that was described by the developers as “huge”, since they are strong enough to recover their initial investment.

“Firewatch’s budget, while huge for us, was modest for a game of its quality and scope, but we made our investment back in about one day. Firewatch has sold around 500,000 full-price copies in its first month. (It was even the top PlayStation Store digital download in February!) As an indie game, or heck, even as a “real” game, ok fine but not as a Call of Duty or Star Wars game, Firewatch can be considered a sales success.

We’re so grateful. And relieved. But mostly grateful.”

There are some nice information included in this particular blog post regarding Firewatch, so you should definitely take a look at what Panic had to say about their project one month after its initial release.

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