Nexon America is celebrating it’s first anniversary of Combat Arms.Since the release of the free-to-play MMO, the game has seen:Over 3.2 billion soldiers have been killed in action.Over 517 million of those casualties were caused by headshots.Over one million games played per day since launching last July27 million Nutshots have been inflicted since April Fool’s Day 2009.Over one million games played per day since launching last July.Over 154 million terrorists have been eliminated since Fireteam Mode was released at the end of May 2009.Over 35 million flags have been captured.Over four million bombs have been planted of which three million have exploded.Over 180,000 clans have been created.Soldiers have earned over 25 billion EXP. If one player had this much experience, he or she would have earned the game’s top rank, General of the Army, over 3000 times.Soldiers have earned 66 billion GP, which is enough to buy every weapon and piece of gear from the shop to last many lifetimes.Throughout the year the game has seen an array new maps, modes and classes introduced.To celebrate the first anniversary bonus XP and GP will be available for gamers throughout the month of July. 

Paul Younger
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