First Big Grounded Update Adds Crows, Perks, And More To Backyard Adventures (2)

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded may be in early access, but that has not stopped the community from clamoring for more content. The game about shrunken kids trying to survive in a backyard garden has now received its first major update, and more scary things are incoming. The new Grounded update will add in a huge crow, water fleas, a perks system, new crafting items, and more.

While the development roadmap for Grounded has been much of a mystery, this new update has given us more of an idea of how Obsidian is proceeding on with the game. Grounded‘s core gameplay of survival and exploration remains a solid foundation. The team will work off that, bringing new features and story content. Fans’ feedback will be integral to the process as well. As such, this new Grounded update is the first result of that synergy.

Backyard shenanigans

The update means everyone’s favorite tiny robot, BURG.L, will now offer two new types of quests. Chipsleuth quests will have players hunting down chips in specific locations. Artificer quests, on the other hand, will need crafted items to be produced. Both quests will reward more Raw Science for players. That will come in handy, just like the new perks. As you explore, fight, and survive the backyard, you will unlock perks, or “mutations” that will make life easier. At any moment, you can have up to three perks active. The new Grounded update sees 13 perks being added to the game.

First Big Grounded Update Adds Crows, Perks, And More To Backyard Adventures (1)

The world of Grounded will also see the new water flea, found in the flooded biome. You will also have more options for crafting for your bases. The biggest addition in the Grounded update, however, is the crow. The aerial threat is gigantic compared to you, and it definitely something you would want to avoid. They do drop feathers, which lead to more crafting, so the risk and reward are all up to you. There are other changes being made with this new update, so head over to the patch notes for the full details.

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