First gameplay trailer from Game of Thrones: Genesis

Cyanide has left it a little late, but there’s finally a trailer out for A Game of Thrones: Genesis featuring some gameplay.
The title (based on the novels by George R R Martin) is scheduled for release at the end of this month, and forum posters at the game’s own site were starting to get a bit restless about the lack of any footage. Well, now we have a small amount of it. It shows what I imagine to be the main campaign map and a few armies moving around across it.
Still not a great deal to go on, but perhaps in-keeping with the spirit of the game Cyanide are hoping for the element of surprise.
What we do know is this: it’s a strategy game with some sort of real-time elements, you can win without fighting a battle, there are special intrigue and diplomacy options at your disposal and the title focuses on various periods in Westerosi history.
A Game of Thrones: Genesis will, as far as is known, still be released on 29 September for the PC.