It’s chart time!

    One of our community members has, once again, kindly prepared a comparison chart of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U’s first six months on the market (All data from VGChartz). Check it out below!

    chartgo (1)

    As we can see, unless the PlayStation 4 experiences a substantial boost in sales, the Wii from generation seven will overtake it life-to-date within a matter of weeks. Keep in mind that the Wii was selling out months beyond how long the PlayStation 4 was selling out for, even going on to sell out for at least 2 years during holiday period. At peak, Nintendo’s Wii home console platform was selling at a rate of 25 to 30 million units a year and during one December, it sold more than 3 million units in the United States alone. At the PlayStation 4’s price and with what it’s currently offering, there’s not a very good chance Sony could mimic that.

    That’s not a fault on Sony’s part however, as the PlayStation 4 is selling considerably well considering its price tag. Also, considering how quickly Nintendo killed of the Wii, there’s a chance that, like the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 4 will catch-up and even surpass the Wii during towards the end of it’s life depending on how long Sony decides to keep the PlayStation 4 on the market.

    Moreover, contrary to what some would have you believe, the Xbox One actually selling quite well and is actually not performing as poorly as Nintendo’s next-generation home console, the Wii U, did, even while the Wii U launched with more and higher rated games (even when compared with the PlayStation 4).

    The next few months are looking pretty decent for the big three, especially for Wii U in May. In May, we have Watch_Dogs (Wii U version coming Fall 2014), Bound by Flame, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Transistor for multiple platforms, MLB 14: The Show for PlayStation 4, Super Time Force for Xbox One, and Mario Kart 8 for Wii U (Semi-complete 2014 Wii U line-up). Come June, we have The Elder Scrolls Online and EA Sports UFC for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Murdered: Soul Suspect for multiple platforms, among other titles.

    Come E3 2014, we should know more about the second half of the year.

    You can view the full numbers below.


    Week 1: 1,051,921

    Week 4: 2,444,207

    Week 8: 4,414,273

    Week 12: 5,128,791

    Week 16: 6,088,071

    Week 20: 6,781,802

    Week 25: 7,482,361


    Week 1: 2,071,242

    Week 4: 2,444,207

    Week 8: 3,510,426

    Week 12: 4,459,141

    Week 16: 5,290,489

    Week 20: 6,025,248

    Week 25: 7,300,493

    Week 30: 8,521,676

    Xbox One:

    Week 1: 1,106,779

    Week 4: 2,222,474

    Week 8: 3,157,188

    Week 12: 3,430,832

    Week 16: 3,751,783

    Week 20: 4,171,147

    Week 24: 4,505,168

    Wii U:

    Week 1: 472,099

    Week 4: 1,708,668

    Week 8: 2,419,254

    Week 12: 2,561,664

    Week 16: 2,692,698

    Week 20: 2,883,262

    Week 24: 3,009,207

    Week 28: 3,104,846

    Week 30: 3,147,621

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