First images and art for Shogun 2 campaign expansion

‘Rise of the Samurai’ coming this September.
Sega have today realised the first official images and artwork for the upcoming Shogun 2: Total War expansion, ‘Rise of the Samurai’. First screens and art below.
The expansion features a new downloadable campaign, six new factions, ten new naval units and 16 new land ones. Our review of Shogun 2: Total War can be found here.
“Rise of the Samurai pits you as the leader of one of six playable clans from the Taira, Minamoto and Fujiwara families,” said the game’s developers, The Creative Assembly upon the announcement of the expansion. “This conflict, the Gempei War, culminated in the first Shogun’s rise to power, and the consolidation of the Samurai as the ruling class.”

The full list of ‘Rise of the Samurai’ features:

New campaign (The Gempei War)
6 new clans from 3 legendary families
16 new land units
10 new naval units
4 new hero units
4 new agent types
10 new mons, 10 new retainers