Farming Simulator 19 is set to launch later this year, and the devs over at GIANTS Software are keeping the hype train rolling along at full steam. The team has restarted the “Dev Blog” series over on its official forums, which are posts that highlight various new aspects of the upcoming game. There have been two so far, and the latest one dropped this sweet new screenshot:

    Farming Siimulator 19 John Deere In Game Harvest

    Click/tap for a larger image

    As you can see, this new screenshot is showing off a John Deere tractor working in a field along with a harvester. This is the first screenshot to show off the new in-gsme UI. It sports a much cleaner/more modern look than its predecessor, Farming Simulator 17. And, of course, the new-and-improved graphics engine is being shown off in full force here and it looks quite pleasant.

    In addition to this, another screenshot has also been revealed, showing off the improved Mission Mode along with some new details.

    Farming Simulator 19 New Mission Mode

    Here’s a quick rundown of all the new info about FS19‘s Mission Mode:

    • All missions are now regulated to a ‘Contracts’ menu; you no longer have to drive across the map to different points in order to get new jobs
    • You now have the option to use your own vehicles and equipment for missions instead of leasing them. This will result in more profit for you. It also allows you to build up a specialty and a garage, resulting in more missions and more money.
    • Hay and silage baling are now a part of Mission Mode. This involves the whole process, from cutting the grass, to baling, and transporting the completed bales.
    • Weeding is also now its own category of missions and includes a new sprayer tool and more developed weeds.
    • The transport missions from Farming Simulator 15 are making a return.
    • Mission Mode has also been added to Multiplayer to enhance the co-op experience.

    Farming Simulator 19 launches on November 20, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

    A.K Rahming
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