The first playable class for upcoming Hack ‘n’ Slash MMORPG Mythos has been revealed as the Pyromancer.
If the name didn’t give the hint already the player will be able to control the element of fire turning all of the monsters in the dungeons into ashes.
The Pyromancer will have three different customisable paths to choose with each skill tree offering the character a completely different experience.
You will be able to become a Flamecaster to specialise in ranged combat hurtling fireballs at your opponents from a distance. The Cinderblade will allow you to become more specialised in close-combat battles including flaming shields and enchanting weapons with fiery attacks.
Finally the last skill tree is known as the Coalsmasher, which will allow you to summon fiery creatures such as Golems to support you in battle as well as tackling enemies on their own.
The Pyromancer is the first of three playable classes that will be unveiled, screens can be found after the break while videos of the class can be found on the official website.
Click through for screens of the Pyromancer:

Paul Younger
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