BioWare has revealed the first paid DLC for Mass Effect 2.According to Joystiq, we should expect Kasumi’s Stolen Memory on 6 April.Kasumi’s Stolen Memory adds in Kasumi, previously leaked as a human thief, who can be acquired on the Citadel. Once she signs up she’s got her own loyalty mission which involves disguises and corrupt art collectors. Sounds interesting to us.In addition to that, the pack will contain a Locust SMG, a flashbang loyalty power, and a new Achievement. In total, BioWare estimates that the pack will take about an hour and a half to complete.There’s no word on pricing yet, with BioWare currently working it out. We’ll keep you posted when we know more, but for now, check out the next set of free DLC due later this month, titled the Firewalker pack. It’s set to add a hovertank and a set of missions for it to Mass Effect 2, and all for free. Free!If you’re a BioWare fan then be sure to check out our interview with Dragon Age producer Fernando Melo. It contains a lot of insight into the BioWare mindset, and if you’re a Dragon Age fan there’s plenty of detail on Awakening in there. Check out our Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening gamespace, too, for a full list of news that came out of said interview.

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