Bethesda’s return to the Elder Scrolls series has caused quite a stir amongst RPG fans, so here is one of the first screenshots of the new ‘Creation Engine’ at work.
It comes from a new GameInformer piece (who seem to have exclusives about the game pretty locked down at this point,) which also discusses the ways in which Bethesda’s new engine should improve the title.
By the sounds of it, Bethesda is claiming that almost every aspect will see an overhaul from what the Gamebryo engine (used for Oblivion and Fallout 3, amongst others) was capable of. This means lots of exciting things like an “overhauled foliage system” and “realistic precipitation effects.”
But some of Gamebryo’s non-graphical quirks should be fixed by Creation too. Apparently, the camera will no longer zoom right in to an NPCs face and pause the wider world when you initiate dialogue with them. Whether this was actually a Gamebryo issue or just a design decision is not clear, but Skyrim should be free of it.
Instead, NPCs will now go about their business (an example given is of a Mill worker who will continue to chop wood during the conversation, with a few glances at the player) while the camera remains the same as during the rest of the game.

Paul Younger
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