Dying Light

“If I squeeze his face like this, it looks like he’s talking.”

Dying Light is the type of game that shows you precisely which bone you just broke in a zombie’s body with your sledgehammer swing. You can decide for yourself whether that’s amazing, or the kind of unnecessary flourish that turns gruesome violence into a visual gimmick.

There are plenty of examples of the feature on show in this five-to-six minute gameplay demo from VGX 2013. It’s being played on the PS4 (1080p, what luxury!) so you’d imagine that the PC version will end up looking pretty similar. Maybe with a nicer framerate and some FOV options.

This segment all takes place in Dying Light’s daytime period, during which the zombies are less numerous and not so vicious. That gives our demo player enough leeway to show some of the parkour routes it’s possible to take through, onto and over the streets, rooftops and walls.

Dying Light is due in 2014, at some point.

Peter Parrish

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