subject 13

    Ahh, the old “laser alignment” puzzle.

    Paul Cuisset was a busy man on Flashback, directing, writing and co-programming the much loved Amiga (and other platforms) title. Whether he’s going to be doing quite so many jobs at once on Subject 13 isn’t really clear. Hopefully he can delegate a bit more on this new game, if only to relax a little.

    The press barrage on this is framing it as a “return to the adventure game genre,” though Flashback wasn’t really an adventure game. More of a narrative-driven platformer with puzzles. However, Cuisset was also involved with the title Cruise for a Corpse and that was a decent 90s adventure title. He worked on the amazing Shaq Fu as well. Not an adventure game either, but definitely a cultural phenomena.

    Subject 13 says it will cast you as a physics professor (Franklin Fargo) who winds up trapped in an underground science laboratory. The perfect place for a series of item-related puzzles. Only by using and manipulating such objects will Fargo be able to escape, and find out the identity of the mysterious voice calling him “Subject 13.”

    The game doesn’t seem to have a release date yet, but more information is promised “soon.”

    Peter Parrish

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