Flexispot Comhar EG8 Review

As more and more people continue to work from home, office equipment and furniture gets viewed under a more powerful microscope. Many don’t have the space for both a gaming setup and workspace, so getting the best product that can comfortably achieve both is key. The Flexispot Comhar EG8 standing desk is Flexispot’s attempt at being just that. Featuring multiple memory positions, three USB ports (two USB-A, one USB-C) for powering devices, and a sturdy tempered glass top, Flexispot wants the Comhar EG8 to be the all-around desk for the home body.

Retailing for $429.99 USD, the desk is available in either black or white. It’s height ranges from 28.3 inches to 47.6 inches, and it sits at 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep. There’s also a nice 24×12 inch drawer that is great for storing notebooks, pens, and any other small accessories you have. For me, it held all of my USB drives and dongles.



Assembling the desk is as easy as 1-2-3, literally. The desk comes in three parts that just need attaching with the included bolts and Allen wrench. In all, it took about 15 minutes to put together. I’ll say, though, you may need some help with flipping the desk right-side up to avoid any possible injuries or damages to yourself or the desk. Once it’s built, you just need to plug in the power cord, and you’ll be good to go. The desk has a child lock to avoid accidental movement of the desk as well as an anti-collision detector to stop the desk from making contact with your chair. A small plus is just how quiet the Flexispot Comhar EG8 is when changing heights. It’s a near silent hum that’s more relaxing sounding than anything.

Can it handle heavy gaming?

Of course, the biggest reason for the desk is the fact it’s a convertible desk. The desk is rated to hold up to 110 pounds which is plenty for a couple of monitors, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. If you want to mount your monitors to your desk, this unfortunately isn’t the desk for you. While it’s not too thick for a mount, the idea of using any sort of pressure mount on tempered glass just isn’t a good idea. Same goes for if you want to attach a boom arm for your microphone or a key light of any sort. Basically, don’t take the risk of mounting anything to the desk.

While gaming, there’s obviously heavy movement with your mouse as well as heavy tapping on the keyboard, depending on the game. When lowered, the Flexispot Comhar EG8 is just like any other desk. When standing, however, there is some sway to it. While not uncommon with standing desks because of weight distribution, it may throw some people off. Especially those who aren’t used to using standing desks. That said, it’s definitely not the worst standing desk I’ve used in regards to the swaying. It’s just something to know before you decide to make it a gaming desk.

Flexispot Comhar Eg8

For me, personally, when playing games like Escape from Tarkov where I’m constantly moving my mouse and tapping away on my keyboard, it didn’t feel that great at all. But, moving to a less intense game like Civilization VI was much more enjoyable, because I didn’t have to focus on the desk movement.

Is the Flexispot Comhar EG8 worth the investment?

For less than $500 USD, the Flexispot Comhar EG8 is a high-quality standing desk. The included features like the USB ports, anti-collision, child lock, and multiple profiles all make the value almost immeasurable. There are a few things missing that I’d like, like the ability for the ports to also act as a hub for data transferring to/from your PC or a built-in mount for better cable management. But those aren’t things that should turn you off to this desk.

If you are going to use it as a desk purely for the home office, it’s hard not to recommend it for that purpose. But, depending on the type of gaming you want to do, especially if it involves mounting anything for content creation or otherwise, you may want to look for one that doesn’t have a tempered glass top.

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Review


This desk is a great home office option, but you'll have to really think about if you can handle its gaming limitations.

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