September 5th, 2017

Flight combat game Vector Thrust is coming to Steam soon

Vector Thrust

Iceberg Interactive are set to launch Vector Thrust on Steam. The game is a flight combat title has been developed by TimeSymmetry and promises “fast-paced” combat.

“Fans of classic arcade and combat flight games are sure to fall in love with Vector Thrust,” says Iceberg Interactive CEO, Erik Schreuder. “TimeSymmetry is the perfect example of a small, one-man team following its own passionate vision. And it has done an excellent job creating an all new flight combat experience, delivering the added ability for users to create their own content — and more.”

Fans of the genre can expect 200 different aircraft which include real aircraft and prototypes, intelligent AI, an “ever-changing battlefield”, Challenge and Arcade modes, and a mission editor. Sounds intriguing and looks rather nice with its cel-shading.

Vector Thrust is the latest title to be created by one person, and if it does as well as Banished,  then developer Cláudio Rodrigues will be a very happy dev.

Here’s a few shots to get you interested and it comes out in a Q2. which must be reasonably soonish.

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