FM2010 Suffering Major Problems

Gamers playing Football Manager 2010 have been suffering numerous crashing issues to a memory leak.Various owners of FM2010 have posted on the official forums reporting the game crashing after watching three or four games on the 3D match engine. SI Games has been informed of the problems and after a major meeting with the coding teams the developer is currently testing numerous fixes with hopes a main fix will be sorted for the upcoming 10.2 Patch.”We have a number of solutions currently being tested and early results are looking good. At least one of our testers has been able to play the game for five hours and no crashes. We are by no means at a global solution yet but there is light on the horizon for the first time.” said Byron Atkinson-Jones Mac OSX developer for SI Games.SI Games could also come under fire after he admitted the developer was aware of the memory leaks.”Yes there were reports of memory problems back in August but they were thought to be fixed and it appeared they were” he said.The best advice at the moment if you are experiencing the crashes is to turn the in-game automatic saving to either every day or weekly and keep taking breaks between games.I’ve experienced the crashing on numerous occasions and it has become quite annoying to say the least; especially if I’ve spent numerous hours on a save and the game crashes resulting in me loosing the data. Until SI Games releases a new patch for generally a top notch management game it’s back to Football Manager 2009 for me.Let us know if you are experiencing any similar problems with FM2010 in the comments section below.

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