Football Manager 2015

You could be yelling at your hopeless striker RIGHT NOW.

Anybody who pre-ordered a copy of Football Manager 2015 should now be able to unlock and download a beta version of the game, prior to 7 November’s release day. According to a Sports Interactive news post about today’s beta launch, it’s also still possible to get early access to that version by just buying the game.

As was the case last year, any saved games made during the beta will carry over to the full release.

There are of course various methods of purchasing Football Manager 2015 (even though they all, ultimately activate on Steam) so here’s how the beta code should have been delivered to you for each of those.

Instore pre-orders
If you pre-ordered in a participating store, you should have been given a unique Beta access code at point of pre-order. This may have been an FM15 branded card where the code would be printed on the reverse, or it may have been printed on your till receipt, or it may have been emailed to you after placing your pre-order.

Online pre-orders
If you pre-ordered online, for a boxed copy to be delivered, then you will have been emailed your code.

Digital pre-orders (Steam)
If you pre-ordered from Steam, then your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam library.

Digital pre-orders (non-Steam)
If you pre-ordered a digital download, then your code will have been sent to you via email.

If that’s not the case for whatever reason, the best thing to do would be to get in contact with the outlet/store you bought the game from.

To activate the beta code, you’ll need a Steam account. Once you have the client and are logged in, you need to do the following:

1. On the top toolbar, click ‘Games’
2. From the drop down, select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’
3. Follow the instructions to input your code and install the Football Manager 2015 Beta.

You can also reach the ‘activate a product’ prompt by clicking on the “Add A Game” button in the bottom left hand corner. Once the code is activated, Steam should automatically download the beta (it’s about 1.5GB in size.) Any updates released by Sports Interactive will be automatically updated and applied.

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