The fifth pre-release Football Manager 2018 video casts a summarising eye over the Fantasy Draft multiplayer mode. This is the first one of the five to look at multiplayer in the traditionally very single player game; the others have covered Scouting and Dynamics, Tactics, and Sports Science.

    Apparently, Fantasy Draft will be returning with a “cleaner look” and more gameplay options. The premise is the same as before; you and some friends (or bitter foes, whatever) take turns assembling a squad from a pool of players. Everybody gets one ‘draft’ pick per round. Then you play for glory in a league or cup format.

    There is a single player version of Fantasy Draft too. In Football Manager 2018 there will be a selection of AI Managers to go up against.

    In this year’s game, you’ll be able to play multiple seasons of Fantasy Draft in the league format. There’s a mid-season ‘draft’ in each competition too, mimicking the real life mid-season transfer window. If someone isn’t currently involved in a certain league but wants to hop into the upcoming season, it’s possible to do that too. The knock-out cup format now has two-legged ties as well.

    The UI for this mode has been given an overhaul in Football Manager 2018, largely to encourage people to stream. You can see the new interface, and some of the new options (like the new ‘Quick Start’ matchmaking button) available when setting up a Fantasy Draft game, in the trailer below.

    Football Manager 2018 comes to PC on 10 November. Those who pre-order will have access to a beta version two weeks prior to launch.


    Peter Parrish

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