Tactics are a major part of all Football Manager titles, so it’s not surprising to find them the subject of a new Football Manager 2018 trailer. This is the third video installment that has previously looked at changes to scouting and the expansion of team dynamics.

In Football Manager 2018 there will be two distinct panels on the main Tactics screen; tactics, and players. The former is where you’ll set up the traditional formation, mentality, and player instructions. Meanwhile, on the player panel, you’ll be dealing with team selection and player roles. Plus, you’ll specify whether the players will use default team or specialised instructions.

You can drag the panels around, so both can be used at the same time. Even if the tactics bit is now a mini pitch in the corner.

In Football Manager 2018 you’ll be able to give pre-match briefings to the team. These will run the squad through formations, tactics, and any changes you’ve made to the team (hopefully that’ll give you a chance to explain why you’ve rested someone, and not annoy them). You can apparently incorporate aspects of scouting reports into the meeting too. If you get sick of doing this, the assistant manager can take the meetings.

The tactics panel will now incorporate dedicate analysis from previous matches, showing you exactly where your team has failed to complete passes (or whatever). In addition, a grid overlay on the tactics panel will show you possible areas of exposure or strength in your team. It’ll also show you useful partnerships that have been developing between your players (passing, creating opportunities, and so on).

Football Manager 2018 won’t be short of exotic foreign words for ‘bloke who stands in the middle and kicks people’ either. Get ready to deploy a Mezzala or a Carrilero in your midfield, if you fancy. Inverted Wingers will be an option too. The game is out on 10 November. Here’s the video.

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