In this fourth Football Manager 2018 video, it’s time for Sports Interactive to talk about Sports Science systems. If you missed previous installments in this series, they talked about Scouting and Dynamics, then moved on to Tactics.

    Sports Science is, unfortunately, not about how to grow a team of Lionel Messi caliber players in test tubes. It’s mostly about your Football Manager 2018 medical staff, and how they can prevent you getting 57 cruciate ligament injuries every season. Sports Scientists showed up in the game last year, but didn’t seem to do a whole lot. The video (below) euphemistically states that they will return this year with “a more visible presence”.

    Sports Scientists will focus on the physical condition of your players. They’re the preventative side of medicine, whereas the Physio handles the treatment side.

    Football Manager 2018 is getting a new “medical center” screen, so you can play out all of your hospital role-play fantasies. It’s divided into five panels. The overview will show who’s injured from the squad, who’s just returned from injury, and who is at most risk of picking one up in future. This section will also feature a summary from your Sports Scientist, with recommendations about things like changes to training sessions that could prevent injuries.

    There’s more on that in the risk assessment area, which shows upcoming fixtures and the present training workload, as well as how that may impact your players. You can look at a given player’s individual injury history through this screen too. A more general injury history portion of the medical center will, as you’d expect, provide a full medical history for the squad. Useful if you want to figure out which players in your team are terminal crocks.

    Even more detail about that can be found in the season summary panel. This section compares things like how long each player has spent injured compared to previous campaigns. Plenty of data to comb through, in other words.



    Peter Parrish

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