For Honor Crossplay

For Honor is already over five years old. Throughout its life cycle, the game has been packed with updates, new content, limited-time events, and so much more. Despite this, one feature that For Honor fans have wanted is cross-play. It seems that those wishes have been answered, as cross-play is on its way. Ubisoft explained that cross-play has been the goal for a long time, but technical components prevented the development team from adding it in the past. Before cross-play arrives, though, you may want to familiarize yourself with how it will work, because Ubisoft plans to release it in two phases.

For Honor cross-play begins with Phase one on March 17. In the first phase, cross-play will be enabled in PVP and PVE matchmaking. This means that you will encounter PC, PlayStation and Xbox players when searching for a game in those modes. Notably, this excludes campaign, training, arcade, and ranked modes. Additionally, once Phase one rolls out, your player skill rating will reset in order to balance the new and improved matchmaking. Therefore, you may encounter players of different skill levels before your rating is re-calibrated. In-game voice chat will also be disabled in cross-play matches, but you can use the text chat functions. Voice chat for cross-play is expected to be enabled in the future.


Buddy up in Phase two of For Honor cross-play

Moving on to Phase two of For Honor cross-play, this phase adds group play to cross-play, allowing you to play with friends across different platforms. It is unknown when Phase two will arrive. For now, we know that it’s in development. Ubisoft stated it will provide more details on this phase in the future.

If you prefer, cross-play can still be disabled in the settings menu under the new “online” option. However, Ubisoft warned that this may result in you experiencing higher wait times and lower quality matches.

For Honor Cross Play

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