July 7th, 2017

No Forced humour: Co-op RPG Forced hits Steam

No Forced humour: Co-op RPG Forced hits Steam


BetaDwarf’s indie action RPG with a co-op bent, Forced, is out now.

Forced casts you as a slave in a gladiator school, forced to fight for your freedom. With up to three buddies and the assistance of a spirit called Balfus (who all of you control, and who helps you solve puzzles) you have to battle your way through dungeons and traps and monsters to win your life back. According to Paul it’s got Diablo-like ARPG goodness, puzzles, some tactical requirements, and a hefty focus on co-op. All of which makes it something a little different, and more than a little bit interesting. I fully intend to check this out whenever life stops conspiring to drop work and obligations on me.

You can find it on Steam here (at 20% off until November, which drops the price to £9.59) with a four-pack available if you have some willing friends to chip in. The game’s launch trailer is below.

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