Forced march: Total War: Rome 2’s second beta patch delayed

Total War Rome 2 concept art - 08
“Hold me until the game is patched, my love.”

Update: Beta patch 2 has now been released.

As we noted last week, the second patch for Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome 2 was supposed to be available in opt-in beta form today. That was the intention at least, but the developer has stated on the Rome 2 forums that this is no longer the case.

According to Trish from Creative Assembly: “We were intending to put patch 2 into beta today, but it has not passed internal testing yet, so further work is required overnight. More info soon.”

The official (ie; non beta) version of the patch isn’t due until this Friday, so the team are still on course for that. Those of you holding out for the beta will probably have to wait until at least tomorrow.

If you’ve missed the launch issues that have surrounded Rome 2 here’s a short summary: bugs and FPS problems, possible fixes, and a regular patch schedule promised. The first one is already released.

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