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I guess burning down the forest might be one way to solve your problems.

Endnight Games’ The Forest will be popping up on Steam’s Early Access system on 22 May, according to a new trailer released for the game. If you’ve not been keeping track of your first-person open world survival titles, this is the one where you’re stranded in the titular forest and need to survive weather patterns, lack of food and creepy tentacle-headed monster people.

I’m not making that up, this new trailer has creepy tentacle-headed monster people in it. They appear to dwell in The Forest’s subterranean area, but the end of the video also shows them overwhelming a wood camp that the player has made. So you’re probably not safe anywhere, really. Other highlights from the video include some basic fishing skills and a lot of lovely trees.

It’s not entirely clear at this stage what kind of build will be appearing on Early Access, but it looks like gathering wood, making fires, fashioning rudimentary walls and being killed by creepy tentacle-headed monster people are going to all be present and correct.

“We’re a little behind with our ambitious early 2014 release but overall things are progressing really well,” says a blog post accompanying the trailer. “We’ve been adding lots of cool stuff and hope you guys like what we have been up to.”

Watch the trailer for the best first-person survival horror game almost named after a Cure song, below.

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