Alex Sytianov, head writer for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, who was also involved with Areal, has come to Kickstarter with a new project, sandbox RPG Sketch Tales.

Alex has been working on Sketch Tales since May, and even sold his apartment to secure financing and get to game development early. Alex is making this game with 8D Studio, and not West Games. A cursory check for Areal shows that the project has been quietly shelved, or at least put on the back burner, with the official page showing it is under construction.

Alex also seems to have done better when it comes to communication for Sketch Tales, interviewing with The Escapist to explain his project.

In Sketch Tales drawing is magic… you can create walls for your fortress, summon creatures, and get yourself a weapon. Drawing also grants freedom. Battle with a sword or draw a creature to fight for you? Bypass a high place or draw a ladder and look what’s up there? Shoot more arrows or spend precious green color to make them poisonous?

Before you can draw anything, you will need to get a blueprint for it. You do get a slew of tools and colors to work with as well.

Alex hopes to raise the funding needed to bring the game to Early Access by next summer, where development will progress and get funded until full release.

Does this game pique your interest? Check out the Kickstarter pitch below, and help fund the game here.

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