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Formula Wincars is a car racing arcade game strongly oriented to social play and interaction. One of its strengths is its online multiplayer synchronized mode, where players worldwide will be able to compete and fight to win prizes in the competitions, team up with other players to form alliances, fight to reach the highest positions and unblock new cars and characters.

The game has also remarkable graphics, within a 3D modeled environment highly detailed in all its circuits.

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Apart from prizes gained on competitions, players will be able to unblock a great amount of additional content making the experience much more personal. This way, player’s identity will be more unique through differentiation based on visual aspects.


There will not be any problem for beginners to progress quickly taking victories, because not only driving skills are important, but also tactics and strategy will be of great importance.

While each car provides individual capacities and responses, each character will contribute with his/her own characteristic, plus one individual skill.


Players will have to ensure they choose the most suitable option in which it will be of the greatest importance the circuit where the race takes place, given the characteristics of the terrain will affect the driving in different ways, providing infinite fun and playing possibilities for the player.

Regarding technical aspects, the studio has been immersed in its development for more than half a year, planning to launch a funding campaign on Kickstarter.


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