Forspoken: How to unlock Burrow and Shimmy spells – Guide

Forspoken Unlock Burrow Shimmy Spells Fount Of Blessing
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Burrow and Shimmy are two types of Earth spells in Forspoken. Before you can use them, however, you’ll need to find their respective Founts of Blessing. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you unlock the Burrow and Shimmy Earth spells via Fount of Blessing locations.

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Forspoken guide – How to unlock Burrow and Shimmy Earth spells (Fount of Blessing)

Before you unlock Burrow and Shimmy in Forspoken, I should probably note that one particular Earth spell, Leap, is also obtainable. This occurs fairly early in the campaign while you’re attempting to leave Cipal. As this is also your introduction to the Fount of Blessing mechanic, it’s something you can’t miss while playing.


  • Location: Cipal outskirts.
  • Effect: Kick off a wall to climb higher.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Climb up a total of 1,000 meters – You’ll be able to complete this tally as you’re exploring due to how often you’d jump and climb all over the place.


  • Location: Praenost – The Citadel – Found in the open next to the foot of a mountain.
  • Effect: Press spacebar upon landing to gain boosted movement – Essentially, you’ll just spam the spacebar while running around to gain the boost.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Shimmy 50 times.


  • Location: Praenost – Brass Hollow – From the Belfry, head northeast until you’re past the bridge. You should see a ravine. You’ll spot the Fount of Blessing past that.
  • Effect: Create vines that will pick up nearby items – This is utterly useless considering that you can easily run and jump to pick up the loot that you scan.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Gather 5x items using Burrow.

That’s it, you’ve unlocked Burrow and Shimmy in Forspoken. You may also check out our best Earth spells guide. Lastly, don’t forget to grab the other magic powers from the Fire, Water, and Lightning skill trees.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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