Forspoken How To Get Into Kloros Guild Middle Praenost Nail Pattern Guide
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Kloros guild is a point-of-interest in Forspoken. Found in the desolate lands of Middle Praenost, this towering structure sticks out like a sore thumb, as there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach it. Eventually, though, you’ll acquire a particularly nifty traversal method. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you get into the Kloros Guild in Middle Praenost, which rewards you with a Nail Pattern.

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Forspoken combat guide:

The Kloros Guild in Forspoken is in the northern portion of Middle Praenost. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of it after tagging one of the Belfries, given that it’s a lone tower that’s shrouded in mists. When you do approach the area, you’ll notice a bunch of rock formations, but you won’t be able to do anything just yet if it’s still fairly early in the campaign.

Instead, you’ll want to progress further until you defeat Tanta Sila in Chapter 5. The sorceress wields flame powers, and vanquishing her grants you several spells. One of these is called Zip, which is the grapple move that’s activated via the middle mouse button. This will allow you to get into the Kloros Guild in Forspoken.

Now, make your way back to the area and take note of the rock formations (as seen in the featured image). Hold the middle mouse button and aim the cursor at the top of the shortest structure. Your cursor should change to a small dot, implying that you’d be able to grapple onto that surface. Do the same for the other crags nearby. Once you reach the last section, aim at the balcony so you can grapple all the way there.

Inside, you’ll find some minerals and notes, as well as a Spellcraft Challenge tome (similar to the ones found in Refuges). Follow the staircases that lead down to the ground level. Below, you’ll find a Nightmare. If you’re still at the early stages of the game, your best bet is to use Bind (earth) and some strikes, like Arc Slice (fire). If you’re doing this much later, this mob is vulnerable to Green Magic (lightning).

After taking it out, you’ll receive the “III” Nail Pattern. It increases the duration of debuffs that you cause, as well as the damage of your fire spells. And that about does it for the Kloros Guild in Forspoken. Make sure you continue exploring to discover more goodies.

Forspoken How To Get Into Kloros Guild Middle Praenost Nail Pattern Guide 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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